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Ponentes invitados

Professor Richard (Dez) Delahay

  • Established track record of research and publication in wildlife ecology, specialising in the epidemiology and management of infectious disease in wildlife.
  • 114 peer-reviewed publications.
  • Successful record of securing high levels of science funding.
  • Established record of provision of policy advice to government departments.
  • History of successful collaborative research with government agencies and academic partners.
  • Successful science communicator with regular contributions to national and international meetings.

Dra. María Laura Boschiroli-Cara

  • Research Director
  • Head of the Bovine Tuberculosis National Laboratory
  • Head of the OIE Bovine Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory  
  • Unité de Zoonoses Bactériennes, Laboratoire de Santé Animale de Maisons Alfort
  • Agence Nationale de Sécurité Sanitaire (Anses), Maisons Alfort, France

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